I love the process of watching a project evolve from a bare "canvas" to an element that clearly conveys a message.

My Communications History


My work builds on a combined background of over 30 years in environmental and communications consulting. For several environmental firms, I worked as a project manager and field chemist for focused investigation, analysis and remediation of hazardous waste sites. 

As you review my Résumé, you may wonder how I went from environmental chemistry to marketing and communications.  Here is the “Reader’s Digest” version of the story (and a great way to solve insomnia).

In almost every position I have held – beginning as a dishwasher in an environmental laboratory while pursuing my undergraduate degree – I would see internal and external communications that were unclear or visually unappealing. Sometimes they were inconsistent with the organization’s visual identity as well. Not being one to keep quiet (although I am polite), I communicated my ideas for improvement. I soon found that my advice was regularly sought after. Eventually, I was asked to review and produce documents, graphics, signs, forms, reports, templates and more. In 1990, I finally "caved" and accepted an official marketing position.  The rest is...(snore) history.

What I do

Using a variety of platforms, I take on website enhancements, simple refreshes and complete makeovers, including social media, forums and blogs for both internal and external audiences. I also provide content management at an affordable rate.

By ensuring that the master elements are properly made, I fix and/or build Microsoft Office templates so that they function properly. I specialize in figuring out those hard-to-fix issues, especially in MS Word.

I automate online registrations, applications and data entry through the use of online tools and spreadsheets with formulas. I also help with simple and complex mail merges.

I bring symmetry and organization to slides, reports, proposals, handouts, and more so that the reader can clearly see and read the message without struggle.

I create templates for email campaigns as well as manage mailing lists and segments. I also analyze open rates and other statistics.

I develop and/or source graphic elements to replace or enhance written messages. I specialize in decision trees and flow charts that simplify complex processes.

I help with stakeholder outreach through online registrations and e-invitations. I ensure that the visual electronic and printed materials are integrated, clearly communicated and branded.